Web Design & Development

One of the most important factors for any business is its presence . . . can people find you ?    Do they know who you are,   and what you do ?    You need to sell your business and get noticed right ?

 We,  here at Swakop dot Com,  understand all of this,  we understand that your web site or  “web presence”  needs to compliment your business. It should be an extension of your business, an online presence to sell indirectly, it explains who you are, what you do, how good you are doing it and why the customer should consider you. It sell your ideas and it does that all day, all night, all year long. Over the past years, we have gathered the experience and the ability to design and develop web sites professionally but always in close collaboration with with you and your business, taking care not to create a flashy online images that is inconsistent with your business.

We also keep up with all the latest developments and changes on the web including changes made by the major search engines, which if not complied with can harm your rankings or drop you from search indexes. 

Apart from our professional approach to content and design we also know that there is more to web site design than copy . . .  we therefore would look after important factors of your web site in order to ensure that a visitor to your website would find it a pleasant experience.