Pricing to suit your pocket . . .

We aim to cover all your email and webhosting requirements from registering your domain, design and develop your company website, setup up email accounts on your new domain and hosting and managing your domain, website and emails.   Please contact us for more details.

Here are our basic charges and rates, but can vary a lot with website design, because of the amount of work that would go into each individual website.  We therefore suggest that you only use these prices as an indication but contact us for a valid quotation which we would only do after discussing your new website in detail.

Domain Registrations:

  • Registering and setup of an international domain name (i.e. domains names ending in .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info)
  • Registering and setup of an international .co domain name
  • Registering and setup of an Namibian Domain (i.e. domain names ending in (Please enquire about other extensions i.e.,, etc.)
  • N$ 480.00
  • N$ 560.00
  • N$ 660.00


  • Hosting of domain and website per month
  • Hosting of emails per month
  • We also offer fully integrated email accounts with groupware, shared calendars and collaboration. ( ideal for business people who needs to have access to their and their staff’s calendars anywhere.)
  • N$ 110.00
  • N$ 10.00
  • N$ 25.00

Website Design and Development:

  • Starting from . . . (your basic entry level 5 pages informational website) for as low as

N$ Please enquire

Other Services:

Advertise on Swakop dot Com (nearly 10,000 hits per day) . . .

  • Banner Ad  (display your banner 640  x 75 pixels)
  • One page website (advertisement) (Design is free  – A4 size)
  • Categorized links to your existing website.


  • N$ 350.00 per month
  • N$ 80.00 per month
  • N$ 60.00 per month